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Amorgos Diving Center
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Robin D on Amorgos Diving Center
Great experience with Dimitri and the crew !!

We had a great time diving in Amorgos with Dimitri, the crew was great to help us set up a fun dive and a first time dive. The young lady at the desk spoke perfect French and Dimitri helped us have a great time in security.

We definitely recommend them for your dive on the island.


by Niklas W on Amorgos Diving Center
Deep Blue

A very nice friendly proffesional and safety minded crew that makes your dives truly enjoyable. October wheather is a little bit unpredictable but the dives are still amazing with very few other divers. One of My Malin reasons for comming to Amorgos

by Christin on Amorgos Diving Center
The Great Big Blue

I´m so happy i choose to do my Open Water on Amorgos Diving Center (june -15). Felt completley safe with my instructor and the rest of the team. Fun, thrilling, amazing and so much fun!!! Got back a second time this summer to do the Advance Open Water as well in september. Beautiful underwater nature at the divesites, with caves and rocks. And the ocean is so blue and the visibility in the water goes on forever... Love this place 🙂

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Plongée pour enfants

Plongée pour enfants


Plongée pour enfants: Get your whole family involved in scuba diving

Share extraordinary memories together and take your vacations to new depths.
Diving is not only for adults, also kids can dive. The minimum age for diving experience is 8 and the program’s name is Bublemaker. Here in Amorgos we have a perfect conditions to conduct this course. You’re planing your diving vacation? Find the perfect course for your kids! It will be unforgettable holidays for every member of your family!

With their natural curiosity and affinity to learn new skills, children can make some of the best scuba divers. If you need scuba diving lessons for kids information, here’s a quick overview of the programs available to young people and what age kids can learn to scuba dive.

Love and bubbles from the Amorgos Diving Center crew.


When to start scuba diving lessons for kids

A good way to determine if your child is ready for scuba diving in open water is to enroll them in the Bubblemaker, Seal Team or Discover Scuba Diving program first. The Bubblemaker program is a one day experience program in confined water for children 8 yrs old and older with a max depth of  two meters. The Seal Team program is a more extensive program for kids 8 yrs old and older that covers basic scuba diving skills in addition to fun activities such as taking underwater photos, practicing buoyancy and learning environmental awareness.

PADI’s Junior Open Water Diver course is similar to the adult certification program and prepares kids to become full-fledged divers when they are of age. To begin the program, students must be at least 10 years old and be able to swim. To ensure that young divers don’t exceed their limits, the Junior Open Water certification comes with restrictions. Divers 10-11 years old must dive with a PADI Professional or a certified parent or guardian, and dives cannot exceed 12 meters/40 feet. Divers 12-14 years old must dive with a certified adult and dives cannot exceed 18 meters / 60 feet.

After receiving a junior open water certification, young divers twelve and older may continue to increase their experience and certification levels (Junior Advanced Open WaterJunior RescueJunior Master Scuba Diver). In these courses, dives may reach a max depth of 21 meters.

After the age of 15, depth and buddy restrictions default to those of a regular PADI Open Water Diver. Divers who were initially certified as a junior diver and wish to receive a new card that simply says “Open Water Diver” can order a replacement from their PADI Dive Center or PADI’s website.

PADI ELearning

PADI ELearning


Commencez votre formation de plongée en ligne

Whether you want to learn to scuba dive or are already a scuba diver who is looking for a flexible way to fit another dive course into your busy schedule, PADI’s online scuba programs are the way to go. You can get started immediately with the knowledge development portion of the course and work at your own pace using the PADI eLearning® system. This convenient, interactive study option allows you to learn anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.
PADI eLearning lets you:

  • Learn by watching, listening, reading and interacting with a dynamic instructional program.
  • Access the material for one year, plus gain unlimited access to an online version of the course manual.
  • Contact your local PADI Dive Center anytime you have a question about what you’re learning.
  • Get in the water quickly – applying what you’ve learned – when you meet with your PADI Instructor.

Ready to start your scuba diving lessons?

Register for Open Water Diver Online today.

Learning to scuba dive requires both knowledge development – including facts, principles and concepts – and dive skills including techniques and methods. PADI Open Water Diver Online uses videos, audio, graphics and reading to help you learn, plus short quizzes that let you gauge your progress, and then offers a review of anything you happen to miss. You develop dive skills during actual dives with a PADI Instructor at your local PADI Dive Center. By completing knowledge development online, you’re ready to meet with your instructor and start having fun in the water.

Ready to continue your diver education?

Choose from the following programs to start your next PADI course:

Just want to update or increase your dive knowledge?

Choose from one of the following programs:

Many PADI eLearning programs are available in different languages. Register now at PADI eLearning!






Explorez vos limites, essayez la plongée en apnée!

See what your body and mind are capable of!

If you have ever dreamed of passively exploring the underwater world free from equipment, you’ll love freediving!
It is the most natural and serene way to explore the depths of the seas with minimal impact. It is also the ultimate way to free yourself and spend more time enjoying the beauty and silence of the sea.

Anyone who has held their breath underwater has freedived. However, freediving is not simply about seeing how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can go on a single breath. You have to create the right attitude and pay attention to the limits of your body and mind. The true appeal of freediving is in the silence and calm it brings to people’s hectic lives.

We offer AIDA certification courses (upon completion of the course requisites) as well as Discover course. AIDA is the largest and most established organization for the development of freediving. We also offer individual training sessions and fun dives in Amorgos and a unique combination of Freediving and Mental Training sessions.

During the courses you will learn to freedive in a safe, professional and enjoyable way. We will introduce you the most common disciplines of freediving: Static, Dynamic, Constant Weight and Free Immersion.

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AIDA* Freediver

Open your mind to a whole new experience underwater.
We’ll introduce you to the basic theory of Freediving and how to prepare yourself for a breath hold dive including breathing, duck dive, fining, and safety techniques.

Requirements: 8m Constant Weight, 1’15 » Static, 25m Dynamic.
Duration: 2 days
Price: 120€

Book now!


AIDA** Freediver

This is probably the most challenging and rewarding AIDA course.The course builds a foundation of good technique, safety and relaxation. Covers: Static, Dynamic, Constant Weight and Free Immersion + duck dive, fining, equalization, vertical swimming, body positioning.

Requirements: 16m Constant Weight, 2 min.Static, 40m dynamic.
Duration: 3 days
Price: 250€


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AIDA*** Freediver

This course goes into the theory of Freediving in more depth to better understand the physiology and techniques behind diving deeper. The course will help you improve your Freediving performance whilst advancing your safety and rescue skills.

Requirements: 24m Constant Weight, 2’45 min. Static , 55m Dynamic.
Duration: 4 days
Price: 350€


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Introduction to Freediving

– Yoga and mental training introduction for freedivers
– Breath up & Recovery Breath
– Basic equalization skills
– A static apnea coaching session
– A fun dive introducing duck dive, head and body positioning and fining.

Duration: 3,5 hour
Price: 60€


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A Day in the Big Blue

Discover the mindblowing underwater landscapes of Amorgos. Start the day with a 90mn Fluid Vinyasa Yoga class, followed by a 45mn deep relaxing breathing and mental training session that will prepare us for our fun dive in the deep blue waters of Amorgos.

Duration : 5 hours
Price: 100€ (including healthy snack & dinner)


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Supervised Training Sessions

We provide gear, transportation to dive from Amorgos Diving Center and dive site and training supervision.

Price: 50€
Duration: 2 hours


Book now!
  • Point de rendez-vous: Centre de plongée d’Amorgos, sur la plage, à côté d’Ammos Bar.
  • Horaires: Fixés directement avec votre instructeur
  • Equipement fourni: Masque, tuba, palmes, combinaison, poids.
  • Inclus dans les prix des cours AIDA: carte de certification, manuel AIDA, sessions de yoga stretch et de formation mentale pour Freedivers.

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Bienvenue à Amorgos

The unspoiled island

Amorgos is a remarkably unspoiled island at the south-eastern edge of the Cyclades group, where traditional customs are still inextricably interwoven into a landscape as rich in beauty as in its history and culture. Locals enjoy a lifestyle that has been shaped by a varied and dramatic past. This is a place that appears untouched by time but where the inhabitants quietly preserve one of the best kept secrets of the Aegean.
On the one hand the wild beauty of the mountains and on the other the green valleys , give the island a unique beauty .
The beaches of Amorgos are known for their cleanliness but not only. Their natural beauty combined with the endless blue of the Aegean sea, the hot sand and the rugged rocks create the perfect setting to escape from the routine of everyday life.


The island is connected with Athens, port of Piraeus and has ferry connections with different islands.
Transfer from Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos to the port of Piraeus can be done by:
– Bus : express bus X96 (every 20mn – 40mn at night).
– Metro: Take the metro (blue line n.3) and change in Monastiraki station. There take line 1 (green line) and stop at the end of the line to Piraeus station. View Metro Map.
– Taxi: It takes you 45 to 60 minutes.Amorgos has two ports: Katapola and Aegiali (changes on even and odd days depending the boats).

Ferry schedules and online booking: or GTP


Banking & Money
There is only one Bank in Katapola, opposite to the ferry pier. Teller Machines can be found at : Chora, Katapola and Aegiali
Be aware of possibly problems with the teller machines. Credit cards will not be accepted in all the taverns and shops!

Mobile Phone and WiFi
Your mobile phone will work nearly on the whole island. On almost every public places, taverns, restaurants you can find free wifi-hotspots
Medical Care
There is a main Health Center in Chora and some regional Medical Practices on the island. Be aware: in case of severe diseases or injuries transport to the next hospital will be done by helicopter!

busDiscovering Amorgos means to be mobile.
The local Bus service covers the main routes and mostly works from May-June to September-October.
Timetable (on the right) seasonally changes and can be found in main bus stations and supermarkets.
A number of Rental Services provide small cars, scooters and squads, this seems to be an appropriate way to reach most places of the island.
You can find Taxis in the main villages and ports or call them to pick you up.


Settlement began on Amorgos in the late 5th millennium BC at the hill-top of Minoa. The 3rd millennium BC marks the island’s first apogee, when it was an important centre of the Cydadic culture. With the arrival of Ionian settlers the 3 cities of historic times emerged Aegiali, Minoa and Arkesini. 
The arrival of refugee monks with the icon from Khoziba in Palestine in the 9th century, followed by the subsequent founding of the Chozoviotissa Monastery allegedly in 1088, was of considerable importance for the history of the island. In the medieval time it passed in the sovereignty of Francs and finally in the Venice Domination. But Amorgos had to face the pirates’ raids and in 1540 it became formally a Turkish possession.
In 1835, the island was include in the new Kingdom of Greece. In the same year a devastating fire spread from Aigiali and burned the oak forests of Mount Kroukelos, radically altering the landscape and ecology of the northern end of the island.



Mostly with pebbles they are all around the island: wild and quiet with incredible crystal waters. For sandy beaches you’ll mostly go to Aegiali bay. If you want to be really on your own, walk to the ones only accessible on foot such as Chalara, Mikri Vlychada, Chochlaka or even Ammoudi.
Recommended beach: Mouros, Agia Anna, Nikouria, Plakes, Psili Ammos, Levrosos


Amorgos is a place for hiking lovers. It is covered of historical paths passing by villages, monasteries, chapels and abandonned settlement. The landscape with its close-to-the-sea mountains offers phantastic views on nearly every corner.
Best paths: Potamos-Chozoviotissa Monastery, Stavros, Valsamitis-Katapola, Tholaria-Lagada, Profitis Ilias….


Covered of churchs, monasteries, archaeological sites and traditional villages, Amorgos offers a large choice of places to visit.
Recommended: Chozoviotissa Monastery, Agios Valsamitis, Agia Triada in Arkessini, Chora’s Museum


Celebration are happening all year long and are really worth participating. Traditional music, dances, food and very warm atmosphere! Local products are also a very important aspect of the island & delicious.
To taste: Psimeni raki, Myzithra cheese, Patatato, Pasteli, Honey…
Summer most important celebrations: 14 & 15 of August, 26 July, Pasteli celebration


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